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Job Posting

MED SURG CNA - Nursing
Department: NURSING
Supervisor: CNO

Position Summary: The CNA will assist with routine and repetitive
patient care activities in the Nursing Department.

Position Accountabilities:

1. Assist RN or LPN in patient care plan implementation by:
a. Contributing information in day to day management
of patient care.
b. Carrying out routine nursing care measures as delegated.
c. Work performed evidences completion of tasks as shown in
patient outcomes, documentation and/or completed work by:
1. Delivering general hygiene such as bath, shower, grooming,
mouth/denture care.
2. Assisting with elimination via urinals, bedpans, bowel and/or
bladder programs.
3. Transferring and ambulating patients.
4. Assisting with post mortem care.
5. Assisting and preparing patients for meals, including feeding
6. Assisting in turn, cough and deep breathing routines.
7. Assisting in activities of daily living.
8. Assisting in admission, transfer and discharge of patients.
9. Making beds both occupied and unoccupied.
10. Performing PM care including back rubs.
11. Maintaining record of fluid intake and output.
12. Completing calorie count and other nutrition information as
13. Providing measures of comfort and convenience (i.e. water,
blankets, etc.)
14. Returning equipment.
15. Maintaining inventory of patient belongings.

2. Performs technical procedures as delegated and after observation by RN
according to unit policy by:
a. Applying heat and cold.
b. Taking height and weight and recording.
c. Working within isolation precautions.
d. Using whirlpool.
e. Performing pre/post procedural care as delegated.
f. Assisting others in performance of more complicated treatments
or diagnostic procedures as requested/assigned.
g. Performing other procedures specific to clinical area.

3. Provides support to licensed nursing staff by:
a. Collecting specimens (urine, stool).
b. Forwarding specimens to laboratory (urine, stool, blood, sputum).
c. Performing simple record keeping.
d. Answering phones as requested.
e. Transporting or walking patients as requested.
f. Communicating to licensed staff regarding patients condition changes.
g. Participating in care planning for patients.
h. Giving and taking report on assigned patients to RN care partner at
shift change.
i. Participating in patient care conferences.

4. Assists RN's in maintaining unit standards by:
a. Returning equipment properly labeled.
b. Maintaining clean/safe unit environment.
c. Maintaining unit supply standards.
d. Making appropriate charges for patient items.
e. Transporting of patients for diagnostic tests and therapies.
f. Keeping halls free of equipment and clutter.

5. Represents the hospital by:
a. Practicing effective communication with patients, families and
b. Maintaining confidentiality of patients/families outside of work

6. Accepts supervision and seeks assistance as needed by:
a. Recognizing personal strength and limitations.
b. Seeking assistance as appropriate.
c. Informing nurse to whom assigned of all patient care activities
performed and changes in patient's physical and mental condition.

7. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate
to the geriatric patients service on his/her assigned unit. Demonstrates
knowledge of the principles of growth and development and possess the
ability to assess data reflective of the patient's status and interpret the
appropriate information needed to identify the requirements of each
geriatric patient and to provide the care needed as described in the unit's
policies and procedures.

8. Complies with job related behavior as outlined in the employee handbook
a. Attending work as scheduled.
b. Demonstrating appropriate job related behavior.
c. Annually attending required courses.
d. Complying with annual employee health assessment.
e. Complying with bloodborne pathogen procedures.
f. Complying with body substance isolation procedures.


High School graduation or equivalent.

Working Conditions

a. Ability to do heavy lifting and moving of patients.
b. Ability to stand and walk 90% of working hours.
c. Ability to understand and follow detailed oral and written
instructions and to maintain nursing records and charts.
d. Ability to interact professionally with patients and families.
e. Hearing and speech essential to communicate with patients, staff,
visitors and other professionals.

Additional Information
Shift : Evening

Contact Information
Paige Stell - Med Surg Nurse Manager

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