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Bradley County Medical Center Governing Board 2017


Freddie Mobley
First State Bank
104 South Main
Warren, AR 71671
PH: 870-226-2601
FAX: 870-226-8685

Vice Chairman/Treasurer

Joe Don Greenwood
308 Bradley 36
Warren, AR 71671
PH: 870-463-8399


W.R. (Rusty) Rowell
1160 Bradley 25 N
Warren, AR 71671
PH: 870-226-6876

Earnest Callum
944 Bradley 45 Road
Hermitage, AR 71647
PH: 870-463-8349

Kenneth McDougald
1858 Bradley 25N
Warren, AR 71671
PH: 870-226-2464

Joe Hank Wharton, M.D.
1012 East Church
Warren, AR 71671
PH: 870-226-6786

Steve Henson, CEO
Bradley County Medical Center
404 South Bradley
Warren, AR 71671
PH: 870-226-4302

Keith Neely
311 Bradley 8 Rd S
Warren, AR 71671

Kristi Clanton
1324 160th Hwy E
Hermitage, AR 71647
PH: 870-463-2875
CPH: 870-814-9148

Klay McKinney, County Judge
101 East Cedar
Warren, AR 71671
PH: 870-226-3853


BCMC Holds Successful M*A*S*H Camp

The 2019 version of M*A*S*H Camp was completed Friday, June 28 as 12 students from Warren, Hermitage, Fordyce, and Rison were able to experience a number of medical-related activities throughout the two-week event June 17-28. The majority of the program was spent at Bradley County Medical Center, but the group was able to travel to other healthcare organizations around Warren and also took trips to El Dorado and Little Rock.