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Department Managers

Department Manager Email Phone
Executive Secretary Brenda Bryant 226-4302
Accounting/Payroll Jane Harris/Beverly Rauls 226-4308/4307
Auxiliary/Gift Shop Liz McKinstry 226-4390
Information Technology Jeff Sutherland 226-4354
Controller Leslie Huitt 226-4301
Business Office Alaina Ashcraft 226-4312
Rural Health Clinic and Women's Clinic Amanda Gilbert 226-8636
Employee Health/Infection Control/EVS Barbara Barnes 226-4305
Emergency Department Cliff Moore 226-4184
EMR Coordinator Lauren Case 226-4358
First Station Paige Stell 226-4384
Home Health Deena Cornish 226-4576
Human Resources Brooke Hatch 226-4346
Labor and Delivery Krissy Morrison 226-4512
Laboratory April Wynne 226-4181
Maintenance Tim Saunders 226-4350
Pharmacy Haley Wagnon 226-4335
Physical Therapy Stephanie Moring 226-4190
Public Relations Dennen Cuthbertson 226-4327
Purchasing Terry Young 226-4355
Radiology Leeanna Williams 226-4393
Respiratory LaDonna Goodwin 226-4534
Senior Care Lisa Hanson 226-4125
Social Services/Utilization Review Paulette Tolefree 226-4341
Surgery Sharon Haynes 226-4159
Cura (Dietary) Anthony Smith 226-4344


BCMC Alters Visitation Policy to Reflect No Patient Left Alone Act

Bradley County Medical Center has made updates to its visitation policy to reflect the No Patient Left Alone that was recently signed into law in Arkansas.

This act states that a patient be allowed one support person who is permitted to be physically present on a daily basis at reasonable times throughout his or her hospitalization. Therefore, each patient may have one support person with them during normal visiting hours. In accordance with this new law, BCMC will allow one support person per patient during normal visiting hours.

Bradley County Medical Center reserves the right to limit or place visitor restrictions in certain situations including, but not limited to, when the presence of visitors would be medically or therapeutically harmful; interfere with the care or rights of any patient; visitors are engaging in violent, disruptive, or threatening behavior; or visitors are noncompliant with BCMC policy.