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Job Posting

Labor & Delivery RN/LPN - Labor & Delivery


Position Title: RN/LPN
Department: Labor/Delivery
Supervisor: RN/Labor-Delivery Nurse Manager

Position Summary: Responsible for direct patient care in the Labor and Delivery setting.

Position Accountabilities:

1) Initial admission assessment and a shift assessment on all obstetrical
2) Has a demonstrated knowledge of fetal monitoring; able to identify fetal
patterns on the monitor and treat appropriately.
3) Responsible for starting Intravenous sites.
4) Performs vaginal exams for dilatation of cervix.
5) Communicates appropriately and clearly to the physician, charge nurse
and other co-workers.
6) Coordinates and supervises patient care in an environment that optimizes
patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health errors.
7) Initiates personalized care plan for inpatients.
8) Ability to adequately assess and re-assess pan. Utilizes appropriate pain
management techniques and educates patient/family regarding pain
9) Assists physician with procedures in Labor/Delivery, Postpartum, and
Newborn nursery.
10) Demonstrates the ability to be flexible, organized and to function under
stressful situations.
11) Knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on the
age of the patient and their clinical condition.
12) Follows the (5) medication rights and reduces the potential for medication
13) Ability to do venous punctures and draw blood.
14) Demonstrates the ability to do basic nursing care.
15) Adheres to hospital policies and procedures.
16) Able to assess neonate at delivery and stabilize neonate post delivery
and perform neonatal resuscitation if needed.
17) Able to interact professional with patient/family and involves patient/family
in the formation of the plan of care.
18) Ensures that documentation meets current standards and policies.
19) Attends in-services as required.
20) Actively participates in performance improvement activities.

Job Qualifications:


Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing.
Valid license as a Registered Nurse or an LPN in Arkansas.
Must have current CPR certification.

Prefer: S.T.A.B.L.E. course
Fetal Monitor course
Neonatal Resuscitation course


Good communication skills to communicate with physician about changes
in patient's clinical condition including fetal monitoring and results of
diagnostic studies.

Able to respond quickly and accurately to changes in patient's condition
or patient's response to treatment.

Additional Information
Position Type : Full Time

Contact Information
Krissy Morrison - L&D Nurse Manager
Labor & Delivery
Phone: 870-226-4512
Fax: 870-226-4329

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BCMC Alters Visitation Policy to Reflect No Patient Left Alone Act

Bradley County Medical Center has made updates to its visitation policy to reflect the No Patient Left Alone that was recently signed into law in Arkansas.

This act states that a patient be allowed one support person who is permitted to be physically present on a daily basis at reasonable times throughout his or her hospitalization. Therefore, each patient may have one support person with them during normal visiting hours. In accordance with this new law, BCMC will allow one support person per patient during normal visiting hours.

Bradley County Medical Center reserves the right to limit or place visitor restrictions in certain situations including, but not limited to, when the presence of visitors would be medically or therapeutically harmful; interfere with the care or rights of any patient; visitors are engaging in violent, disruptive, or threatening behavior; or visitors are noncompliant with BCMC policy.